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Jeremiah Lee Mansion historical visualization render

This 3d render of the Jeremiah Lee Mansion is a part of a large project featuring the entire outside of the building. The main goal of the project was to recreate the look of the mansion the way it was originally built in 1768. This made photorealism difficult to achieve because one very critical component had to be removed. Namely, it was undesirable to add any signs of aging to the building, which is precisely what makes it much easier to achieve realism. It is always best to add some grunge, wear and rust to your render. To make up for this I tried outputting some renders as old photographs. This made the images more recognizable as photographs. After all, when we talk about photorealism it does not mean that the style of the photos we are trying to emulate is modern DSLR images.

The two main differences from the building’s current state are the balustrade and the glazing pattern of the semi-round window in the attic. A replica of the original window is still preserved inside the building. As for the balustrade, its configuration is completely unknown, but it is an established fact that it was removed by the 1850s.

You can see more of my photography and 3d art on Shutterstock.

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